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A stop along the picturesque Grand Mesa Scenic Byway, where the Grand Mesa's southern slopes meet the Uncompahgre and Gunnison River valleys, Cedaredge affords pleasant views of orchards, vineyards and stately groves of white ash. This hospitable town offers cozy, rustic rooms and access to hundreds of trout lakes.

Population: 2,356

Elevation: 6,230'

Community-Centric Knowledge

For individuals considering moving to or visiting Cedaredge, Colorado, here's a rundown of essential information:

  • Location and Geography:

    • Cedaredge is a small town located in Delta County, Colorado, situated on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains.

    • It is nestled in the Surface Creek Valley at an elevation of approximately 6,200 feet.

    • The town is surrounded by stunning natural beauty, including views of the Grand Mesa, the largest flat-topped mountain in the world.

  • Climate:

    • Cedaredge experiences a semi-arid climate with four distinct seasons.

    • Summers are warm with low humidity, while winters are relatively mild with occasional snowfall.

    • Spring and fall bring pleasant temperatures and colorful foliage, making them ideal times to visit or explore outdoor activities.

  • Cost of Living:

    • The cost of living in Cedaredge is generally lower than in larger cities in Colorado, making it an attractive option for those seeking affordability.

    • Housing prices vary depending on location and property type, with options ranging from single-family homes to rural properties with acreage.

  • Employment Opportunities:

    • Cedaredge's economy is primarily driven by agriculture, tourism, and small businesses.

    • While job opportunities may be more limited compared to urban areas, remote work options and entrepreneurial endeavors are increasingly common in the region.

  • Education:

    • Cedaredge is served by the Delta County School District, which includes Cedaredge Elementary School, Cedaredge Middle School, and Cedaredge High School.

    • Additionally, there are nearby educational institutions, including technical colleges and universities in neighboring towns and cities.

  • Healthcare:

    • Healthcare services in Cedaredge are provided by local clinics and medical facilities, with larger hospitals located in nearby towns like Delta and Montrose.

  • Recreation & Amenities:

    • Outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty to do in Cedaredge and the surrounding area, including hiking, fishing, camping, and skiing on the nearby Grand Mesa.

    • The town offers parks, recreational facilities, and community events throughout the year, fostering a close-knit community atmosphere.

  • Community and Culture:

    • Cedaredge has a vibrant arts and cultural scene, with local galleries, theaters, and music venues showcasing the talents of residents and visiting artists.

    • The town hosts annual events such as the Cedaredge Applefest, celebrating the area's apple orchards and agricultural heritage.

  • Transportation and Infrastructure:

    • Transportation options include state highways and local roads, with access to regional airports in Grand Junction and Montrose.

    • Cedaredge is a car-dependent community, but biking and walking are also popular for local travel and recreation.

  • Safety and Quality of Life:

    • Cedaredge is known for its low crime rate, safe neighborhoods, and friendly atmosphere, making it an appealing destination for families and retirees seeking a peaceful lifestyle.

Whether you're considering a move to Cedaredge for its natural beauty, small-town charm, or outdoor recreational opportunities, the town offers a welcoming environment and a quality of life that many find appealing.

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